The solid bowl separator type SRG 610 is designed for continuous neutralisation, degumming, re-refining, washing, dewaxing, fractionation and winterisation of fatty oils, such as various vegetable oils, tallow and fish oil.

Working Principle
Oil feed stock enters the separator through a hollow spindle in the bottom and is fed upward into hte bowl. The centrifugal force causes separation into a light phase, a heavy phase and sludge (heavy solids). The light and heavy phases are pumped out through separate outlets at the top of the machine. The sludge settles at the periphery of the bowl.
The oil in this case is fed into the bowl via a hollow feed tube located in the spindle. The bowl-flushing water is fed into the bowl via the space between the feed tube and the spindle wall.
Both machine are hermetic, i.e. the separation takes place in a sealed system without air access.

Design Features
The hermetic design with mechanical seals for inlet and outlets protect the oil against oxidation. The hermetic, bottom-fed inlet ensures a gentle, non-destructive acceleration of the feedstock upto full bowl speed.
Both the light and the heavy phase leave the machine at an over-pressure. No extra discharge pumps are required.
The separation interface between the light and heavy phases is regulated simply by adjusting an automatic constant pressure valve at the light phase outlet. This can be done at any time during the operation.
The machine is equipped with tachometer / pulse revolution counter for speed supervision.

Technical Specifications
Capacity Neutralisation, degumming, re-refining : 4500 kg/h
Washing : 6000 kg/h
Fractionation, dewaxing, winterisation : 2200 kg/h
Motor : 5.5 kw, standard type with clutch drive.
speed : 6800 rpm (approx)
Total bowl volume : 21 litres
sludge volume : 6 litres
Inlet : 200-500 kpa
Light-Phase outlet : 200-500 kpa
Heavy-phase outlet : 0 kpa
Complete with motor and basic equipment 600 kg.

Separator SRG-610